Henry Clarence

Henry Clarence

As a founder CEO of PrepVista, Adnan is relentless about the continued evolution of the company’s value to all those involved . As an education entrepreneur, he keeps his vision simple, powerful, yet unique and take it as a guide in his entrepreneurial journey. His aim is to make PrepVista a global movement taken forward by educators for ambitious students through world class test prep experience—democratization of test prep in essence.

Class topper throughout, and an Electrical engineering graduate from NED Karachi, his professional goal is to create a world class education for all. Without his vision, PrepVista, a proprietary firm, would have been an extremely difficult task. As a first generation education entrepreneur, he has learnt many lessons first-hand about life. He identifies himself as a person who comply by the rules but defies the norms. Without his guidance, advice, and vision;  PrepVista,  a proprietary firm,  would have been extremely difficult to materialize. An acute observer of nature who believes that if one can listen the voice deep within, the noise without can be filtered!

He believes in playing to win, i.e if one has decided to take to the field then the match has to be won. If one is not sure to win he or she should not play till assured.

How can one be assured?

By listening to the small voice within, which can be heard only by filtering out the noise without…

Adnan is the person responsible for setting direction for future course of action, and meeting the needs of his team and the law.

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