MAT GRE Reading Comprehension (RC) immersive workshop on Oct 7, 2018.

Advanced GMAT GRE RC tactics for beginners.

Do you know what is the most important question type on GRE and GMAT?

The question type that has many great applicants ruined their test-day?

One that is intimidating, and most students even fully knowing this fact ignore to tackle it holistically, most of the time considering that good performance in other question types and a solid performance in quant Section can offset its extremely detrimental effect on your overall GRE or GMAT score?

Yes, its Reading Comprehension (RC) question type.

This RC workshop is the Beginners guide to advanced RC tactics.

It is an enormously valuable shortcut to get you the kind of performance in RC Section that can give you extreme competitive advantage over other test-takers.

There are also other hyper-focused workshops that I offer.

The content in those workshops is so high level and so focused that to attend it without having mastered what is offered in the first workshop is a total wastage of time, money, and effort.

Can I do GMAT GRE RC myself?

Yes, as is the case with everything under the sun–you pay with either money or time.

If you are unwilling to invest money, then you will, necessarily, have to invest the time.

What this workshop will do for you is cover ground for you in 8hours that which you can hope to get covered not even in 199 hours.

As the Japanese saying goes—Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.

Is it true that only 7 students are allowed to attend these workshops or is it just a gimmick since I’ve attended courses in the past that say “limited seats” and then let anybody attend the class, thus bloating the size at the cost of individualized attention one can get in a small cohort?

Yes, only 7 students per workshop!

Even if you apply early, your slot is not confirmed since I take only serious students- students who are willing to endure the rigor these workshops will make you go through.

Will I be assisted in choosing grad school or b-school also?

Full Disclosure: I am a test prep coach; i.e I can make you ace what I offer.

The job I do, I do it immaculately.

I don’t delve in that which I am not an expert of.

Since “admissions” is a whole different domain from “test”, I am not the best person to ask advice on matters related to domain such as admissions, Visa related issues, Letters of Recommendations, SOPs etc.

However, we do have admission consultants in our panel but this particular workshop does not discuss these matters.

Do this workshop also cover logic based RC questions?

Logic based RC questions in GRE are known as “Argument Structure Passages(ASP)”, in GMAT as “Critical Reasoning(CR)” questions, and in LSAT as “logical Reasoning(LR) questions.

This workshop does not cover them.

However, since these logic based questions are somewhat related to RC questions, they will be touched upon but not be covered in detail.

There are separate focused workshops for them also.

And by the way, you cannot afford to miss our CR workshops as well.

What is the price?

I charge 15000/hr for the individualized tutoring as part of my stay with BeatTheGMAT.

For this workshop, however, I charge only 7000 PKR (for entire workshop of 8 hours) with the same quality content.

Can I get a further discount?


Don’t try to save some dough; make millions when you get a Harvard MBA under your belt.

I have tried some RC on my own and find it a really hard nut to crack. IS this workshop for me?

You will find a piece of cake that which was once a hard nut J

Is it that easy?

It is pretty hard.

And you will have to be on your top gear.

What if I need a little more handholding?

You won’t.

You have to take my words for that.

What about post workshop assistance; i.e, if I need to get back to you to get a doubt clear, how may I contact you?

I will give you a URL of a forum(BTG), in which you can post your queries and doubts so that everyone can get benefit from my answers to your doubts.

How much doubts related to this workshop can I post if I attend it?

To your heart content.

Bring it on baby.

Will I come in person and get doubts cleared?

In-person( one-on-one) doubt clearance will not be possible.

The method mentioned above is way more effective also for your own benefit, though.

Is the material covered in workshop enough to ace GRE/GMAT RC type questions however difficult they may be?

No 9 hours exclusive, accelerated, RC focused intensive workshop, however immersive it may be, can cover all that in 9 hours.

What I promise, however, is the ground you cover in this workshop, you will not be able to cover in 200 hours of self-study.

It is simply impossible given the complex nature of RC questions asked in GRE and GMAT.

For this reason, I offer other workshops down the line that cover specific topics in MUCH greater detail but those are not recommended to everyone and definitely not as your first workshop.

Why don’t you offer separate RC workshops for GRE and GMAT?

If you can take care of GMAT RCs, you will be just fine with GRE RCs.

Similarly, if you are prepared to tackle GMAR CR, you will be in much better shape to tackle GRE ASPs.

Same goes for GRE and GMAT AWA. But not for other sections.

What if I don’t find this GRE/ GMAT RC workshop useful?

Double money-back;

i.e, not only will I return you your money but instead will pay you double the amount.

And you will have all the right to denounce me as much in social media as possible.

Moreover, I will also sign an affidavit never to teach that workshop again (no kiddings).

Do you also offer workshops in Islamabad or Karachi?


Only in Lahore.

If you want to attend, you have to get here.

I also want to have my Sentence Correction segment covered for GMAT.

Do you also offer GMAT SC workshops?

You bet it!

For which type of student this workshop is not recommended?

If your target score is 320 -325 in GRE and 650-680 in GMAT, then I recommend you don’t apply for this workshop since it is ( and all other workshops offered by me are) designed specifically for students aiming to achieve  99 percentile.

And please note that I don’t mean to derate anyone’s intellectual prowess.

It is perfectly possible that you don’t require that high a score to get into the program you are applying to.

For instance, if you are applying to a Ph.D. program at the University of Michigan, then its quite possible that you will be fine with a not-so-competitive GRE score.

If you are applying for a LUMS MBA, then you can make do with 620 or 680.

If, however, you are applying for a Harvard MBA then having a competitive score can boost your chances significantly (And I recommend being ambitious for just that kind of a score).

For those of you who have jumped straight to the end-

Workshop: GMAT/GRE RC immersive workshop- Advanced GMAT/GRE RC tactics for beginners.

Seats available: 7

Date: Oct 2018

Recommended Applicants: those aiming for 335+(GRE) or 760+(GMAT)

Price: 7000.00 PKR

Venue: 77( main) Sarfraz Rafiqui Road Lahore Cantt.

Contact: 0321-4582520,

Instructor’s bio:

Ali is the “GMAT and MBA expert instructor” at the world renown

In fact, he holds the unique distinction in that he is the only Pakistani test-prep coach to be featured as GMAT and MBA expert at BTG.

( Just in case you don’t know the prestige that comes with being an Expert with BTG: To be featured as an Expert tutor at BTG is as big a deal as is to have your article published in HBR-an accomplishment even the professors of top business schools vie for).

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