Life at LUMS

Life at LUMS

Known for its signature striking red-brick buildings which are surrounded by its beautiful gardens, LUMS is currently home to thousands of students from all over the country. It is the place that delivers those wonderful and challenging experiences that count to build its students into better individuals, expand their horizons, and discover so much more about themselves and life.

LUMS is highly diverse. It has students from all walks of life who add value by bringing in different elements of their culture and their unique set of experiences. Campus life is extremely eventful too. The 40+ active student-led societies in LUMS conduct various activities throughout the year. Other events range from masquerade balls to music festivals and dance performances to talks with some of the most prestigious personnel in Pakistan. Essentially, LUMS offers the platform for students to explore and participate in a variety of arenas, all while learning so much and developing meaningful friendships with other fellow students. It also provides facilities such as on-campus dorms, a large sports complex, Olympic-sized swimming pools, and numerous eateries- all within the comfort of a secure and gated community.

Furthermore, the invaluable knowledge gained at LUMS in classes with the help of its expert instructors allows students to acquire the abilities and skillset needed to succeed in their professional lives. The available councilors, career assistance services, exchange opportunities, etc., are just a few examples of how LUMS is able to deliver so much value to its students.

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