How admission committees review your applications

How admission committees review your applications

While most students may think they know how their university applications are reviewed, there are very few people actually involved in the decision-making process. If you wish to learn exactly how the app reviews work, the college admission officers are the only source of first-hand experience.

Here at Prep vista, all our advisors are managers who have gone through the process of foreign university applications. Continue reading to learn some of our team’s best insights on the application review process.

Grades matter!

One opinion that’s common amongst all our advisers may sound obvious: when it comes to reviewing an application, marks are a crucial factor. Although many students have heard this before, it is important to understand the sheer amount of weight your grades hold in the application review process. Although marks alone will not suffice to distinguish a student from the whole sea of ​​applicants, hitting a certain grade threshold is necessary for students to be considered.

Add some personal flair

Your college application is your chance to prove your identity to a group of admissions officers who have never met you. Every question is an opportunity to help the recruiting team construct a clearer picture of the kind of student you are and the qualities you’d be bringing campus. Instead of providing insightful or redundant information about yourself, make sure that every story and short answer reveals something new about you. When writing your personal statement, you may choose to add a unique experience in the additional articles section to help the admissions office learn more about you.

Don’t skimp over the small details

While many readers spend hours refining their statements, very few put the same level of thought into short answer questions. Do not compromise on the effort you put into short answer questions. They are actually particularly important because they have a shorter word limit. In most cases, it can be very difficult to write a compelling answer if you are limited to, for example, 50 words or less. Therefore, students need to prioritize short answer questions such that they devote the same amount of effort they do to longer essay answers.

Make the best out of this interaction

Make sure to give consideration to how you choose to put forth your accomplishments. Admission authorities need to review thousands of applications and are often subject to considerable time pressure. Make sure you are highly compelling and that your involvement in extracurricular activities is well-presented such that you can help gear the focus of admissions towards them. Try to highlight activities that had required significant skills development and time commitment from you, as well as those that are unique to you or more relevant to your interests.

There is a lot of uncertainty about how the final decisions are made. The more you know about application reviews, the more confident you will be when it comes time to submit your applications. If you are considering making full use of your admission process, contact our college advisory team.



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