Best GRE Preparation in Lahore Pakistan

So you are up for a GRE preparation. You want to tame this beast but the very idea seems daunting.
If you are an engineering grad, probably you are pretty sure that you can very well handle the Quant part of the GRE. No

Best GRE preparation in Lahore
Best GRE preparation in Lahore

doubt, GRE quant is not the difficult part of this test. With little effort, it is not difficult to have 165(plus) in Quant for an engineering major. Verbal can be a little tricky, though–only if you try to approach it without a holistic strategy. GRE Preparation

There was a time when memorizing a few hundred words can make do for you in GRE. But this memorizing game has long changed now. GRE has evolved. And the beneficiaries are non-native speakers, I strongly believe. And you probably know that what GRE now tests is “contextualized vocabulary”.



GRE Preparation in Lahore

Memorizing vocab is still important, but its just not enough anymore. If you are aiming for 330 plus score, you will have to go an extra mile; put a little more effort; slog a little harder and be little more competitive then your peers. And then there is Reading Comprehension passages that can make crossing 330 a real challenge. Indeed, poor handling of RC on test day makes crossing “330 barrier” insurmountable. Good news: It all is manageable.

You can ace vocab questions( TC/SE ) in GRE with ease. RC type questions can also be handled effectively. I’ve seen students do it repeatedly. There is no reason why you can’t.But full disclaimer upfront: There is work involved. You will probably be required to put the most intense effort of your life. My GRE course has in it an element of comprehensiveness.

You see, it is 100 plus hours of video course. It is comprehensive; it is intense! It builds from ground zero and takes you to an expert level where you get 100 percent confidence that 330 plus is a gettable target. I know for the fact that, by the end of this course you will be laughing at the idea that once you thought only “the rare breed” could get this coveted score. Can you get this type of GRE preparation experience from anyone else in Lahore? I bet no one can give you one-tenth of guarantee what I give for my course at Best GRE preparation in Lahore Pakistan.

GRE preparation in Lahore : I guarantee you SCORE — else double the amount you pay me back, no hard feelings, no questions asked, no strings attached. There is one person in the world, I know of, who gives a similar kind of guarantee which I give for my courses.

It covers all the facets of GRE–in detail. You will not require any other material at all. I usually recommend the latest official guides, but if you do not want to invest in them, you will still be fine. The kind of score that my course will help you get can significantly boost your chances to get in one of the best MS/ Ph.D. programmes in the US.

My powerful GRE preparation course is the ultimate tool for all types of students, Engineering background with Verbal as the weak point. Arts or humanities background with Quant as the major pain area, to name two typical cases– and it will work for you, too.

The course promises:
Proven step-by-step method to build you up for hard Reading Comprehension passages.
See “Inference, Main Point, Primary Purpose questions” are the heart of Reading Comprehension questions. My course covers these questions in detail, a detail designed to make you a pro in handling RC type questions. Don’t let my immense emphasis on RC mislead you to consider that other verbal questions are not covered in detail.
I repeat EACH and EVERY facet of GRE is covered in much detail. Each question in my Best  GRE Preparation in Lahore is cherry-picked. It, however, is Reading Comprehension type questions that most students find themselves lost at.
They seem to have no strategy AT ALL to handle RC. There is also much confusion regarding “reading speed that can’t be improved” when it comes to RC. No doubt RC is a hard nut to crack, but this GRE course covers RC in detail. Long story short: RC won’t be a problem for you.
If you are particularly afraid of RC, I recommend going through RC section of the course before even touching other material in the course.
An effective and proven approach to identify contextualized clues for RC type questions and TC/SE type questions.
Context is King, the saying goes.
Things are not much different in GRE.
As I always say, vocab is important, it is just not enough anymore.
You will have to develop the trait of recognizing the contextual clues. In that, you will have to assume the role of Sherlock Holmes. Not kidding. You must understand that those who make these standardized tests are not Math and English teachers.

Vocabulary building and usage with my 1000 most frequently tested GRE vocab.

Ah, the dreaded GRE vocab that you must have been told since time immemorial.
Not enough, but still important You cannot get away with this part. Good news: learning vocab goes far beyond GRE. Another immediate benefit is TOEFL prepared without even recognizing. I understand, most of you guys will be appearing for TOEFL as well.
What if I tell you, this course’s emphasis on RC and vocab will make half job done for your TOEFL prep? That’s what I call a win-win situation: GRE won; TOEFL win nigh…
Data Interpretation:
Tips to read Data Interpretation graphs fast.
Yes, you guessed it right; my repertoire of these questions type is so comprehensive that you will fall in love for DI forever. Again 170 guaranteed if you follow what I say–without trying to cut corners. There is, as I said above, work involved.
But the reward is completely worth the effort of putting in the hard work. GRE Preparation in Lahore is feature course of PrepVista academy.
See, making the right choice about your career at this stage of your life is important. I can’t emphasize it enough. Now that begs the question, what is the right decision? Is going for an MS/ Ph.D. from the US a right decision? Is going for a Fulbright scholarship right decision?
Continuing with your current job is the right decision? That decision my friend is for you to make. I, however, can’t emphasize enough the importance of investing in yourself, as Billionaire investor Warren Buffet once said, ” The best investment is the one that you make on yourself.
Yes, my GRE Preparation  course is expensive.
But I guarantee  it is one of the best investment you’ll ever make on yourself. Here’s a very interesting fact about life that I was told by some elderly person a while back.
It is so true that I’ve made it my life’s philosophy. And I am sure if you look around, you will see the veracity in its statements. It goes like:
Take any hundred people at the start of their working careers and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age, and here’s what you’ll find: only 1 will be wealthy; 4 will be financially secure;
5 will continue working, not because they want to but because they have to;
36 will be dead; and 54 will be dead broke-dependent on their meager investment, such as house rent, for a minimum standard of living. That’s 5 % successful, 95% unsuccessful. This can, indeed, be your moment to make the decision to be in the 5% successful lot!
I am very serious to help you get 330 plus in GRE; The question is are you serious enough?
Ali Tariq’s bio:
I am a freelance GMAT and GRE tutor and also Global GMAT Expert instructor for the world’s largest GMAT Community

Teaching is in my DNA. It is my calling.

Preparing students to get in their dream programs from the world’s top-tier institutes is my passion. I am thrilled to see when my students surpass their own expectations. By the Grace of Allah, I hold a unique distinction in that I am the only Pakistani Test Prep Expert to be featured as “GMAT&MBA Expert” in, world’s largest GMAT community.
Just for those who don’t know much about the prestige and authority BeatTheGMAT Expert instructors command in the Test-prep realm: To be featured in as an Expert Instructor is as big a deal as to have your paper published in Harvard Business Review, an accomplishment even professors from elite business schools vie for. I devote a major chunk of my time creating the best GRE preparation in Lahore experience for my students.
I credit Allah AlMighty– The Most Gracious, The Giver of Honor– for 100% of my accomplishments. If you want to score really high in GRE, my course is the best way under the sun I am aware of.


GRE Preparation in Lahore

PrepVista’s GRE preparation classes in Lahore help you achieve not only even the most ambitious GRE scores, regardless of your current Quantitative and Verbal prowess but also makes the preparation experience itself a journey worthwhile.

ACE GRE with PREPVISTA’s preparation classes in Lahore, exclusively.

Do you know that GRE is the only test that gives applicants the option to apply both to graduate schools( MS/ Ph.D.) and business schools( MBA and other management related programmes)?

Achieve a high GRE score and increase your Fulbright scholarship chances many a fold.

Do you know that a high GRE score can help your Fulbright application stand out in the crowd with ease?

PrepVista’s GRE Course Features:

After having attended our GRE preparation classes, you will become a GRE master in all things GRE

GRE Quant:

Quant section for our course is  designed for beginners who have not been in-touch with Maths for a while and want to get the basics covered and after having the foundations taken care of, it takes you to the most advanced level; i.e the Math section of our GRE preparation classes covers the hard Quant problems one typically encounters at 330,335 level and with our copyrighted techniques help you absorb the advanced concepts with much ease.

What math content you will master in our GRE classes in Lahore?

Our course will help you become a champion in all quant topics in GRE, such as

->Number properties, including primes and exponents

->Fractions, decimals, & percents, along with their applications

->Algebra, including systems of equations, inequalities, and quadratics

->Word problems, in particular statistics and probability

->Strategies to attack Quantitative Comparison questions

->Strategies to attack Discrete Quant questions

-> Advanced strategies to help you achieve accuracy under immense time pressure.

PrepVista’s commitment to its students transcends the temporal limitation of course duration.
Once Vistian, always Vistian.

GRE expert faculty
Prepare GRE with our Expert Faculty, matchless not only in Lahore but also anywhere in the world!
Marriam Musa

A Stanford University qualified passionate educationist, Marriam Musa has been working in the education sector in Pakistan since 2013. She has trained students to take standardized tests for both undergraduate and graduate schools. She also continued her passion for GRE tutoring during her stint at Stanford.


Nauman Zafar

A Fulbright scholar, Chaudhry Nauman Zafar earned MS in Quantitative Finance from Bentley University, Boston, USA in 2017. He has guided several graduate-school applicants through the process of writing Study Objectives, and Personal Statements.

Ali Tariq

An architect of GRE verbal course at PrepVista, Ali creates verbal content that students can use to engage and learn in order to ace the beast known as Verbal. As a PrepVista Expert, he loves helping students not only ace the verbal sections of the test but also prepare them to tackle the psychological part of the journey effectively.

Farhan Zafar

As the Quant faculty at PrepVista, Farhan has immense expertise and an expert tutoring experience under his belt. He is, in fact, often regarded as the most prolific quant expert one can find anywhere in the world. Having himself earned an MBA from LUMS, Farhan is able to connect with the candidates at a deeper and more personal level.

He is never too busy for his students and takes personal satisfaction when his students cross ‘ 330 in GRE’. His mantra is ‘the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose, and my life’s purpose is to make Quant section, specifically DI(GRE) questions and advanced Quantitative comparison questions , a piece of cake for my students.