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Achieve perfection in SC with our course in 10 days and then approach other sections of the test with positive state of mind to hit 99 percentile in first attempt. Avoid multiple GMAT attempts because of poor score in verbal, which is the direct consequence of poor performance in GMAT SC as you are not required to reinvent the wheel.Has been invented and presented in this course .

Having aced the GMAT,the most critical part of b-school application and the one on which most b-school aspirants spend most of the time, approach the remaining steps with much more confidence, as nearer the goal, higher is the confidence.

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Have Questions?

What is included in the course ?

Sentence correction segment of GMAT.

What is the duration of on demand audio video course ?

Course consists of 55+ hours of audio video content .

Can i watch the demo videos to get the essence of the course ?

Sure! Go to the menu bar and watch videos in featured videos section.

What is the validity of course ?

1 year from the date of purchase.

My promise

The course is comprehensive enough and has included each and every aspect of GMAT sentence correction.Following my guidelines as enumerated in the video course you will not be required to consult anything else at all.

My Guarantee

For GMAT SC, you will not get anything even one-tenth as good anywhere. It doesn't matter at what level in SC you are at,this course will take your course to the top.

My Aim

Help you ace GMAT while making the process of GMAT preparation stress free, and help you recalibrate the way you think about your career because GMAT is a high stakes game, with even higher rewards for your career.

Get the competitive advantage with Prep Vista's GMAT SC Prep Vista's GMAT SC Course will help you lay the solid foundation for V45,which is means to many ends...

Most relevant and updated GMAT SC material

Each SC question, each concept, each one liner is cherry picked and included in the course after a lot of research and deliberation.

Most thorough GMAT SC course

Detailed solutions to all the questions while thoroughly analyzing each and every aspect of GMAT SC.

Copyrighted Method to master GMAT SC

Absolutely unique copyrighted method to master GMAT SC by taking your preparation to the next level