Best GMAT preparation in Lahore
Best GMAT preparation in Lahore

GMAT Preparation in Lahore: 

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Ali Tariq, GMAT Expert in Lahore
Ali Tariq, GMAT Expert in Lahore

If you want a score somewhere between 730-750, I am one of the very few GMAT coaches in the world who can help you achieve that in the shortest period of time.

No bragging here.

See, I am a humble person.

I don’t like talking about my accomplishments.

But just to put the record straight, I am Global GMAT expert for the world renown

I have, over the past few years, contributed immensely to the BTG community, having moderated their GMAT forums and cracking the code for few of the most difficult and trickiest questions ever published by GMAC.

If you aim to fetch admits from top-tier business schools, any score less than 740 is not worth it these days.

And when I say top-tier schools I mean Stanford GSB, HBS, Wharton, LBS, and INSEAD.

Best GMAT Preparation in Lahore:

Yes, Pakistani pool is not as competitive as are Chinese, Indian, or Korean pools.

And that means if you can hit 740-750 as a Pakistani applicant, you have increased your chances many many a times.

And it is impossible to hit 750 if you don’t have a strategy for GMAT Verbal section.

  • You got to have a strategy for GMAT SC.
  • You got to have a strategy for GMAT CR.
  • You got to have a strategy to handle one of the most dreaded areas of GMAT called RC.

You can’t let verbal on chance.

It’s suicidal—an utter train crash!

If you rely on local GMAT preparation options to fetch even 710, you are going down the route of self-deception.

Am I the only GMAT coach who can help you get 740 in 4-6 months of dedicated GMAT study?

No, I am not the only one.

My other BTG fellow Experts–Ron Purewall, Mitch Hunt, Ceilidh Erickson of Manhattan Prep ( who is pursuing a degree in psychology from Harvard)– are 3 other GMAT coaches I can absolutely vouch for. Prepvista claim one of the Best GMAT preparation in Lahore Pakistan.

If you approach any of the three above mentioned GMAT Experts, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

You must be wondering that 4-6 months of dedicated study time for GMAT is way too much.


To hit 740, this much time is required.

My GMAT preparation course also demands that you allocate me at least 5-6 hours daily ( and that too first 5 hours of your day) for 4 months.

It is impossible to hit 740 in 2 months for an Asian Applicant, whose native language is not English.

GMAT’s Quant is easy.

And after going through my GMAT Preparation course, I guarantee that you will hit Q50-Q51.

For an Asian applicant applying to analytics oriented US MBA programs, a score less than Q50 will raise eyebrows—inevitably.

You can’t be complacent in GMAT Quant, therefore.

You have to hit Q50-Q51.

A score less than that will leave a bad impression.

And for as high stake a game as an MBA from Harvard or Wharton, few bad impressions mean game over.

See, Chinese, Indians, and Koreans are killing it with their high Quant scores in GMAT.

It has made the Quant landscape extremely competitive for applicants from other Asian countries such as Malaysia, Bangladesh, Srilanka, and Pakistan as well.

So keep in mind that Q50-Q51 is a must for you—a Pakistani applicant to top-tier US and European business schools.

Fret not, there is a ray of hope.

GMAT Verbal is one area where Asian applicants are faltering miserably.

And if you can hit a high verbal score, you will be able to stand your application apart from this very competitive Asian pool.

And my strategy for you is to help you get a kind of a verbal score that not only sets you apart from other Asian applicants but also help you get through the interview as well.


See, Q51 is 99 percentile( in Quant).

But, V45 is 99 percentile ( in Verbal).

There is not a linear correspondence between Quant and Verbal scales.

What it means is that a high Verbal score is an absolute rarity not only for Asian applicants but also for applicants from native English speaking countries.

And becaue a high verbal score is a rarity, it does you two tremendous benefits:

  • It impacts your overall score more than Quant does.

For instance, a two-point increment in Verbal impacts your overall score (one counted out of 800) more than a two-point increment in Quant.

  • It is made a talking point in an interview as well.

And you direly need those talking points during that high-pressure environment that can immediately give you an injection of confidence. Needless to say, V-45 is one of that high dose injection.


  • You got to have a strategy for GMAT SC.
  • You got to have a strategy for GMAT CR.
  • You got to have a strategy to handle GMAT RC.

Is there a single strategy that works 100%of the time to hit V45?

Yes, ask any Global GMAT Expert at BeatTheGMAT, V-45 is your aim, then you got to have a 100% accuracy rate in SC.

GMAT SC is what at GMAT community we call a score booster.

SC is an opportunity, a blessing in disguise, that not only gets you 100% accuracy—without exception—but also does it helping you spend not more than 20-25 seconds on even hard SC questions.

Two benefits, I repeat, SC throws your way:

  • 100 % accuracy.
  • Tremendous time saved that can be allocated in RC.

If you have been through GMAT RC before, you must have got this feeling that you can easily increase your accuracy in RC if you have more time.

Surely, there are situations when you are struck.

And you know very well that you won’t be getting correct answer even if you have all the time in the world.

But this typical struck situation is more often encountered in SC, CR, and Quant.

Thus, I make your skill level in CR and SC to the level that you will get absolute concept mastery in these two GMAT verbal areas; i.e.

  • 100% accuracy in SC with the pacing we recommend for those aiming for 750-760.
  • Maximum 1 incorrect in CR—not more than one.


Best GMAT Preparation ACADEMY  in Lahore

at about GMAT RC?

Any point you are going to drop in the GMAT Verbal section will be in RC.

I train you for 100% accuracy in GMAT SC.

Max. 1 incorrect in CR—even that is avoidable.

For RC, train for 100% accuracy but be prepared to let go few questions here.

Aiming for 100% accuracy in RC on test-day is suicidal.

We are not looking for perfect 800 in GMAT.

With 5-6 months of dedicated study, 800 is not possible.

Part of the reason is that GMAT is “adaptive on question level”.

Unlike GRE, which is adaptive on section level.

Because of this question level adaptivity of the GMAT algorithm, the difficulty level rises exponentially in GMAT.

If you have gained absolute concept mastery in GMAT Quant, however the difficult question the algorithm throws your way, you will be able to tackle it.

There are a whole lot of small, little errors in GMAT SC.

The comparisons section alone has more than 30 errors that GMAT keeps on testing on.

The number of errors is great.

But all those errors, once you go through and apply multiple times,  you will be able to master.

Similarly, CR can be mastered also.

RC can get little tricky.

One thing you have to avoid in RC is to get 5 questions incorrect in a row.

5 incorrect questions in a row will drop your score 60-70 points.

It means, if you are at 750 level, you will end up with 680 or 690.

It is a total crash.

A kind of a crash from which it is very difficult to escape.

What I , or any other top GMAT trainer, recommend thus is to avoid that situation at any cost.

In my course, I have 50 hours of Video content for RC.

And it is more than enough to get you a kind of performance in RC that can help you get 750 in GMAT.

It is the same roadmap that my other BTG fellow Expert tutors recommend to 99 percentilers.

Just follow that approach, do that which is expected of you and that too without trying to cut corners.

You will be perfectly fine.

Best GMAT Preparation in Lahore:


One thing: You would not give up your dream of an elite MBA—whether it be from Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, or Wharton.


See, GMAT has the highest of all the standardized tests’ accretion rate.

It is a very rigorous journey.

The first step of GMAT can be very daunting if you approach it casually.

Therefore, I want from you that whatever the circumstances, you wouldn’t settle for any score less than 740.

I promise that you allocate my course the time I ask you to, you will end up with 740.

u are looking for an MBA from a middle tier b-school such as SAID, or

Judge this GMAT course is not the best option for you.

Because there is work involved.

You will be required to be on your top gear and be ready to do your part on daily basis.

If you do your part, then be ready for a kind of life those who end up 750 in GMAT enjoy—the shortest path to CEO level position in corporate America.

Do you know Sunder Pichai, current CEO of Microsoft is a Wharton MBA?

There is no reason why you can’t?

Start this journey NOW with 750 in GMAT.

Start your GMAT preparation NOW.

Best GMAT Tutor in Lahore

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