Frequently Asked Questions

Who should join?

Join if YOU struggle with SC!

Join if YOU struggle with grammar aspect of SC!

Join if YOU struggle with meaning aspect of SC!

Join if YOU want to master SC!

Join if YOU want to master the grammar aspect of SC!

Join if YOU want to master the meaning aspect of SC!

Join if on test day, YOU don’t want to get even one question in SC unfamiliar!

Join if on test day, YOU don’t want to get even one split in SC unknown!

Join if on test day, YOU don’t want to get even one trap in SC unrecognizable!

Join if on test day, even at 760+ level, YOU want to get an answer correct in less than 45 seconds!

Join if YOU want to meet speed with 100 % accuracy in SC. it is possible and not merely a statement of theory. Let there be no ambiguity. Let there be no doubt absolutely. BE VERY CLEAR ON THIS ONE!

Join if YOU want to keep your nerves calm in SC even at a situation in which 99 percent of test takers lose them!

GMAT is a track where you compete with time, where each second matters, keeping the nerves calm matters, and each point matters. Join if YOU want to beat SC in its own game!

Join if YOU want to beat SC in its own track, track in which thousand lose each year, year after year!

Join if YOU want to avoid wasting year after year in preparation because of poor performance in SC!

Join if YOU want to make up for poor undergrad GPA as GMAT score is more than thrice as influential as is undergrad GPA in admission process ;GMAT verbal influence more than does the Quant ,and SC is the key to score high in Verbal!

Join if YOU are not content with a mediocre life!

Join if YOU want to change YOUR LIFE!

Join if YOU are ambitious enough!

Join if YOU want to take control of YOUR LIFE!

Join if YOU want to take control of YOUR DESTINY!

Take control of YOUR LIFE else life will take control of YOU, It goes only in one direction…

Take control of YOUR DESTINY else destiny will take control of YOU, It goes only in one direction…

Take what life has to offer else life will take from you whatever you have…

How can you take what life has to offer?

There is only one way out there… take the control of your life!

And if you do not … Life will take control of you and take from you whatever you have…

Join if just a few years down the line YOU want to have an access to an influential network of business leaders that will enrich YOUR CAREER and therefore LIFE 100 times over.

Beat SC before it beats YOU!

Master SC before it masters YOU!

Master the fear of SC, else this fear will master you; fortunately or unfortunately it goes only in one direction…

Master procrastination before it masters YOU!

Procrastination is the opposite of decision. You master either. You find one of the either at a time. Both have equal power to change your life. One changes for good, the other change for worse…

TAKE THE DECISION NOW and get YOUR NAME in the Batch of 2017-2018 of Stanford GSB, HBS, Wharton, Yale, Columbia, or INSEAD!

For whom is this course inappropriate?

For someone who lack ambition and desire to rise above mediocrity in life and above 700-730 in GMAT i.e 89-93 percentile, score that can help you admits only from the middle tier b schools unless you have a stellar application, have cruised through the corporate ladder in a manner that defies comprehension, have raised millions for your startup, have sold couple of million dollar startups ,or your current startup is evaluated at multimillion dollars.

700- 730 won’t get you anywhere. This is a competitive world and the world is full of smart people.

If you yourself have the desire then you will find my desire to help you in sync with yours.

FAQs regarding private one-on-one tutoring sessions

What is the pricing for private tutoring sessions?

The rate is $150US per hour.

sessions How the long distance private are conducted?

By leveraging technology.

We use a virtual classroom (VC) in conjunction with Google Hangouts. The VC provides a virtual whiteboard onto which we up load concept lesson and individual problems related to the concept.

What equipment will I require at my end?

A computer equipped with speakers and a microphone.

Is the material available for review after the session is over?


Following each of our lessons, we will send you a .pdf of the concepts discussed so that you can review the session repeatedly afterwards.

How it works?

You let us know in which topics you required guidance. We will create a customized plan and include relative material accordingly.

How many one hour sessions are required to assimilate thoroughly any given concept with all its nuances?

It depends on current skill level of a student.

How will I know my current skill level?

Two steps:

1) Let us know what work have you done thus far.

2) Afterwards, we will send you the questions and hear you reason.

How much time before hand must I let you know to start private tutoring?

We recommend that you let us know your requirements at least 24 hours before, so that we can create customized solution according to your requirements

Isn’t $150 US for an hour session a bit too much?

No, I am very reasonably priced. However, you can find tutors for $100 US or less as well, as is the case with virtually every product or service under the sun.

What is the difference between private tutoring, which is for $150 US for an hour session, and the full SC course, which is available for $150 US for 12 months time period?

As far as material is concerned, no difference at all. Private tutoring is meant for those who don’t have time at their disposal and have otherwise good grasp over SC but who have specific area(s) of SC they want to hone their skill in.

In short, full course is about democratization and empowerment while private tutoring sessions are about customization, if it is your cup of tea.

Will I require private tutoring if in some areas of SC, I feel, I required a little more brushing up even after purchasing the full SC course?

No not at all!

All areas and errors to tackle SC effectively have been included in the course. Complete lessons for every SC topic have been included, each aspect has been covered holistically. So you won’t be facing that eventuality in any case.

Pricing FAQs

Dear sir, I know you are passionate about what you do, i.e about GMAT and about going even out of the way to help students in getting admits from their dream b-schools.

Why $150 US as a fee of this course?

Why not just upload your full course, which contains 70+ hours of video content, on youtube, facebook, or any other social media?

Don’t you think your this gesture will generate a lot of good will among students?

Don’t you think this way students will be eternally thankful to you?


NO! there are two major reasons

  • This company,prepvista, is not a non-profit and have no other means of supporting its operations other than revenues generated by working with students like you.
  • We believe that we are adding immense value to your career and ultimately to your life. Moreover, this value cannot be quantified in any way. Thus, don’t make an attempt to quantify it.

Don’t commit a huge mistake by not investing in YOUR FUTURE!