Only GMAT Sentence correction course in the world that contains 70 plus hours of video content.



Only GMAT sentence Correction course in the world that is categorized in 5 sections, a strategy that is the only and the absolute way to master SC absolutely!

  • Foundation Videos
  • Concept Videos
  • Real GMAT questions: no mimicked no incorrect no bullshit! Levels covered are from easy to 750-800 level questions
  • Each error, each genuine split, and each construction picked and analyzed across the official questions—The core of the course, the part of the plan whose importance and indispensability in acing GMAT SC cannot be over emphasized!
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Guaranteed all SC questions correct in 30-35 seconds if you do all that is expected of you!


Because when you prepare for GMAT from the unofficial material, the preparation comes at the cost of your targeted score. Even if it is hard working, it is a kind of hardworking that, at the end of the day, will make you worse at the least and confused as hell at the most.

Importance of studying from GMAT’s official material and not from material published by GMAT prep companies such as Manhattan GMAT (MGMAT) and Kaplan GMAT cannot be over emphasized.

All the questions published by such companies fall in three categories:

  • Questions with SERIOUS errors.
  • Mimicked from GMAT’s official material.
  • Those that don’t fall in the above mentioned categories are SUB-350 LEVEL!

Why not to practice from unofficial questions?

The official GMAT questions are prepared not by English Grammar or Math teachers but by professionals known as psychometricians. They are the people who are experts in the science of measurement (detectives are also experts in the science of measurements). These people know very well in any given situation how MOST people will react, and thus, in any given situation how MOST people will fall in trap.


Upper one percentile! Therefore it is so important to be in that category as it is rewarded heavily and, on the contrary, those who couldn’t make it to upper one percentile not as heavily.


There are ways, albeit not many, but preparing from questions published by prep companies is surely not one of them because at worst they contain SERIOUS errors or are mimicked from GMAT’s official material and at best they prepare you for 400-500 score in GMAT, score that is way farther from upper one percentile and a MAJOR REASON why most top b-school aspirants give up the very goal itself.

So obvious yet so conveniently ignored.

MAY be being ambitious is at times mistaken as running after the rainbow!

Why is that so and what is the way out?

Each GMAT’s official question undergo multiple tiers or rounds of editing.

Not only that GMAC is very consistent when it comes to testing the concepts but also that it is way too consistent in how the concepts are being applied.

But, ironically, the solutions or explanations of answer choices provided by GMAC in its official material will definitely leave you confused and frustrated, as it is here when GMAC is way too inconsistent, purposely of course, and it is exactly this pain that is addressed by this course on SC.

In short, In this course all the concerns have been taken care of and, thus, you will not go wrong with it. I will not let you go wrong even if you try to!

Why SC only/ why only one section of GMAT?

Helping students ace the SC part of GMAT with maximum ease and precision even in stressed environment is my Definite Chief Aim.

Toward this aim, my thoughts and efforts are directed in a concentrated manner.

I believe that had I been Jack of all trades, I would not have been good at any (others may be but I can speak only for myself)

SC is what I do, SC is what accounts for major portion of my thought and effort in any given day.

Are the concepts discussed in this course relevant?

The knowledge with which you will be equipped is highly targeted and precisely applicable. Much effort has been made on the part of the architect of this course not to led astray in the margins. Objective has been to stay focused and repeat the relevant again and again, albeit in different context, because the rate at which the human mind forgets is astonishing. Repetitions, therefore, I have made so that you can remember to repeat, when it is required the most

I am at pre beginner level viz-a-viz SC; Does this course caters to that level?

Yes, stay persistent and rest has been taken care of. All the concepts are covered in such a manner that any person with reasonable intelligence may master them with but little effort and inconvenience.

Can you refer me, a bit more specifically, to the portion of the course that deals with how to master SC?

The idea how to master GMAT SC in such a manner that results are evident cannot be stated in one or two statements, or in one or two videos in 70+ hours of video course. However, you will master SC once you have been through the entire course and have, thus, ASSIMILATED all the concepts. This course on GMAT SC is designed to achieve this goal in less than one month time period (of course you will have the privilege to keep accessing the contents of the course for one full year).

Note that you cannot cherry pick few concepts while leaving others as in any given GMAT SC question, more often than not, more than one concepts are tested. The preceding statement becomes more relevant once you are past 700 barrier. You have to master the skill of shifting a lot of gears simultaneously and that too under time constraint with 100% accuracy.

Mastering any skill requires patience and practice.

In short there is no shortcut in life; you have to go through the process, so is the case with GMAT SC.

My GMAT’s date is drawing near, and therefore I cannot go through all 70 hours of course. What to do? Can I fast track my preparation?

Not an ideal situation and definitely not the best way to deal with GMAT. It is not a kind of an exam that can be tackled via last minute preparation.

This test demands its fair share of commitment. Having said that follow the following steps in a rigorous manner to witness significant improvement.

  • Identify your weak areas.
  • Go through specifically those areas in concept videos.
  • Start solving questions immediately.
  • See whether you are getting answers correct or not.
  • For those questions in which you get incorrect answers, see corresponding video for reasoning.
  • Assimilate reasoning thoroughly.
  • Ask yourself why u didn’t work your way out that way. This will help you identify the gaps in your knowledge once again. You will become even more conscious of your shortcomings and, thus, chances of repeating same mistake again will diminish significantly.

Proceed this way.

Moreover, in almost all the videos, before digging in any problem further, I have consciously let everyone know what is about to come, where are we heading, and which concepts we are going to look more thoroughly. Idea is that those students who want to proceed to next video because they have no confusion and/or those students whose test date is approaching near can act accordingly.

The course is designed keeping following skill levels in mind

  • Absolute Beginner:

They are those students who are just starting out the preparation. There are further two subcategories in this category

  1. Those who generally weak in English
  2. Those whose English skill is ok but they want a little brushing up of concepts, a little recap
  • Self study

They are those students who have started out preparation but are at initial level of preparation.

This is a group who has a little acquaintance with GMAT SC but are confused and frustrated as they haven’t sought any help till now

They are those students who started out preparation and are at mid level of preparation.

i.e they have invested considerable amount of time in preparation and consequently they can ,90 % of the times, eliminate 3 answer choices but are clueless beyond that point,i.e confused and frustrated beyond that. Both options look similar, none better, none worse and it seems even if awarded the privilege of unlimited time, it won’t bear any fruit.

This group has a typical problem of struggling with the ‘meaning aspect of GMAT SC’. If you have been through my videos placed in my website, youtube channel , or facebook, you must have noticed that I place much emphasis on the fact that in GMAT SC, not only that grammar is tested but also that meaning is tested side by side grammar. You cannot approach GMAT SC as a section that tests only grammar. GMAT SC is not synonymous with grammar and don’t try to make it one. It is not how it works. Unfortunately, most student students approach SC this way and thus are penalized by GMAT. To ace GMAT, you should know what is tested, how is it tested, and at what stage of the test is it tested more aggressively.


It begs another question, when is it tested ,i.e, when is ‘meaning aspect of GMAT SC’ tested?

GMAC shifts more and more towards meaning when you are doing good just as is the case in Quant. In Quant, as you get more and more correct answers, more DS and less PS questions are thrown your way by GMAC’s algorithm.

The second of the above mentioned group is also one who is on the verge of giving up the whole idea of global MBA and thus of a global CEO. I call it infant mortality of a potential global business leader. As a teacher it aches my heart like anything. No doubt GMAT is tough, but it is not as tough as some students made it in their minds and definitely not tougher than other challenges you are poised to face in your life if you have the global ambitions. My strong recommendation is HAVE global ambitions. In this capitalist world, either have it all or fight only for what has been left by others!

I believe that tough times don’t last forever and even the darkest night ends. Just don’t let the fire under your desire for global MBA from Ivy league diminish.

Please ensure again if this course is fit for ‘me’?

All efforts have been made to ensure that ANY STUDENT at ANY LEVEL understands EACH AND EVERY CONCEPT thoroughly and to ensure that JOURNEY itself is made AS STRESS FREE AS POSSIBLE.

Will preparing SC also helps me in any way the other sections of GMAT?

Is there a common thread in sections of GMAT?

If common thread is to be identified, it is LOGIC.

Tell me something about LOGIC?

Logic has become integral part of GMAT now, i.e,  Logic is tested not only in critical reasoning but also in SC and Quant.

Please understand at the very outset that GMAT SC has two aspects-grammer and meaning.

While grammar is about structure, meaning is about logic. Therefore, mastering SC very much depends on mastering the ‘meaning aspect’ of GMAT SC. And mastering ‘meaning’ involves keeping the BIG PICTURE in mind.

This is the skill that ultimately helps in RC, as in RC you have to keep the ‘big picture’ in mind and have to differentiate detail from main point. And you cannot see the ‘big picture’ unless and until you get the ‘meaning’. Therefore mastering the ‘meaning aspect’ of GMAT SC helps tackling RC as well.

But bear in mind that RC and SC are not related in a way PS and DS are related in Quant.

In Quant, logic also plays part but mastering the underlying concept has also great importance, i.e absolute value questions cannot be tackled effectively 100 % of the times unless and until the underlying concept is assimilated thoroughly. Concept has to be strengthened to the point that you can see through that on logical level, it is easier to get the answer correct.

Why in hindi/urdu?

English version is soon to hit.

Moreover, Mandarin and Korean versions are also in pipeline to facilitate the GMAT test takers in China and South Korea respectively.

Please have patience as we are trying to solve a huge problem non-native GMAT takers currently face –a competitive GMAT Verbal score with a world class GMAT SC preparation experience at rock bottom price.

P.S:  For further information regarding the availability of course in English language, email us. We will update you about the status at our earnest.

So, does it mean that the prime value of this course is the language in which it is available?

Not at all.

The language factor is not the differentiation or a prime value at all. I would rather say that it is not a value at all. It is just a matter of convenience. If you are comfortable with the delivery of lectures in English, the course in English will soon be made available on this platform, as has been mentioned earlier. Therefore, your decision to join this course because of it’s availability in Hindi/Urdu should not be there at all in the first place.

Moreover, if you still believe that language is the sole differentiation, then please go to our Top GMATChallange questions, which are official GMAT questions,  solve them yourself first, see solutions and explanations available on different gmat forums and then see our solutions. If skeptical, let our explanations be verified by any GMAT expert of your liking in any gmat forum website out there.

Are you trying to prove here that you are  absolutely best ?

I don’t want to prove anything. All I want to say is that the kind of involvement I have had with GMAT SC over the years as part of my GMAT tutoring service, I doubt any other tutor/ expert anywhere in the world ever had. My passion for betterment of my students may be rivaled by others/ other teachers may possess same passion, since teachers are usually well wishers of their students, but I doubt my involvement with SC and my sincerity of purpose to make students fetch as great a verbal score as possible is possessed by any other person.

At the same time let me mention explicitly that this is an absolutely best GMAT SC course you can find anywhere on the planet. The value this course will put in your GMAT SC, no other course can put. Guaranteed!

Last question on this one please: It seems that you have made a faulty assumption that those who aim to join elite b schools are comfortable in Hindi/Urdu and not in English. Right ?

No such assumption has been made.

Focus is entirely on making students hit V 45 in GMAT with as much ease as possible, even if it mandates remaining as much in their comfort zones as possible. Through experience, it is learned that a teacher-student relationship that is void of formalities is most strengthened one. As a teacher, I value that relationship with my students. Each step that I take is intended to make their journey towards their dream b school much easier.

When other sections of GMAT are expected to be launched?


P.S: email at for update.

Is the prime value of this course only in hours, hours, and hours?

Isn’t it information overload?

First let me address the first question:

Is the prime value of this course only in hours, hours, and hours?

No, it is the value, value, and unfathomable value!

How? Isn’t 70+ hours of video content itself an information overload?

Information overload is when there is too much information that you are unable to make sense of.

The knowledge in this course is HIGHLY ORGANIZED. And as has been stated by Nepolean Hill in Law of Success, ORGANIZED KNOWLEDGE IS ESSENTIAL TO SUCCESS. It is a highly organized GMAT SC course that is essential for success in GMAT.

Do you as a student really think mastering FEW concepts will fetch you 750+?

No! Mastering ALL concepts and then applying those concepts under time constraint will!

All this requires approaching GMAT SC holistically and one cannot approach anything holistically, and in a way that one part of the course leads to another, unless it is organized. More the content, more it is required to be organized, something that has been taken care of with prudence and diligence by the architect of this course.

Primary values of this course:

Accelerated GMAT SC preparation along with critical, updated, and relevant curriculum, which is absolutely necessary to ace GMAT SC under time constraint.

Our insight

Once you go through our SC course persistently you will master GMAT SC easily, and thus your overall score will improve exponentially. This course will make SC the easiest thing you can ever have in your life.