Best SAT Preparation in Karachi

“A man is known by the company he keeps”.


You must have heard it before. Who doesn’t?

Do you know that 44 people have served as US Presidents until now?

Who cares? Right?

Of those 44, 15 attended an IVY LEAGUE school.



Now, if you get into an IVY LEAGUE school, one thing is for sure: you are in a good company, among the best of the best, crème de la crème as they say. The best part is with 1500-1550 under your belt, you increase your odds of getting into an IVY LEAGUE many a fold. Any score less than that, and the journey is highly uncertain and challenging.

Before you read any further, one disclaimer upfront:

Best SAT Preparation in Karachi

If you are not looking to get into an IVY LEAGUE school, then I am not the right SAT coach for you. Because my SAT Preparation in Karachi course is designed to prepare you for 1500. And there is work involved– let there be no doubt about it. I am very serious about you getting into Harvard. But you have to be equally serious about it. Further, I am ready to burn the midnight oil with you. But you should also develop this attitude for at least 2-3 months. For these months, nothing should be as important to you as getting your name enrolled in Harvard Class of 2022.

You will get 1500 score, a score decent enough to get you admits from Harvard or Yale. But be ready to be on your top gear. It doesn’t matter if you are weak in SAT Math. It counts least if you feel lost while reading the SAT Reading passages.

And if SAT Writing and Language section sends shiver down your spine and you feel that you can’t get even your verb tenses correct, you will still be fine. You will be fine with these questions. All I want from you is the unwavering commitment that you won’t settle for any school less than IVY.

You can’t imagine aiming for a score less than 1500.

Even 1490 is unacceptable to you.

You have to take the oath with me that you spend 3 months with my Best SAT Preparation in Karachi dedicated. You are ready to put– with me by your side– the kind of effort you haven’t in your entire life. If you ready to give me that kind of an attitude, then I guarantee that God willing, you will fetch 1500 plus in your very first attempt.I guarantee you 100 percent accuracy in SAT Math. And equally spectacular result in SAT Writing and Language. If you don’t try to cut corners, I guarantee that you won’t get more than 3-4 incorrect answers in SAT Reading–the most dreaded of all SAT sections.


SAT Math: Best SAT Preparation in Karachi


Ali, I am extremely weak in Math.

And the Math of SAT is just too tricky for me.

I can get easy-medium questions right though.

But my performance in Hard questions, especially word problems, is way beyond satisfactory.

Are you sure a person like me who has completely lost hope in getting a perfect SAT score will be in that position after buying your course?

I want to be at pro-level eventually but, I think, I also want a brush up of basics since Math has never been my strong point.

Is there any chance for a person like me after buying your course.

I assure you to put as much effort in your course as you ask me to.


You will be perfectly fine if you are ready to put the effort I expect you to.

Of course, I will be beside you. With my SAT prep course, you have unlimited access to me and my team 24X7.

Just do what I ask you to.

You will be fine.

I have seen many students with condition worse than yours.

But all of them really wanted an extremely high score.

If you also want 1550 badly.

You will be perfectly fine with my SAT course as your roadmap to 1550–InshaAllah.

SAT Reading: Best SAT Preparation in Karachi


Ali, whenever I attempt SAT reading questions, I find myself completely lost.

Two things are typical:

1) I couldn’t get the content of the Reading passage.

2) I find all answer choices pretty similar.

Because of consistently poor performance in SAT reading, I have completely lost hope.

I have tried all the Reading resources available anywhere, but couldn’t improve even just a little bit.

With your SAT preparation course, do I stand any chance?


There is work involved, no doubt about it.

SAT Reading requires a little longer build-up.

In my course, I have cherry-picked a lot of relevant material that can help you drastically with your SAT Reading performance.

And you will notice drastic improvement within a few days.

As I have said repeatedly in the course as well, If you have to see drastic results, you will have to allocate big chunks of time slots to my course.

Of course, a 5-minute break after 25 minutes of immersive study experience is imperative to make your brain operate at the most optimum level.

But you have to keep away from all time sapping activities and make SAT reading your prime focus.

You will see your comfort level with SAT Reading improve drastically within a few days.

We would not go for 100 percent accuracy in this section.

And you have to be OK with letting go two or three questions in Reading questions.

You get perfect scores in SAT Math and SAT Writing And Language at SAT preparation in Karachi Pakistan.

On test-day, going after perfection in SAT Reading can, in fact, be a dangerous strategy. The course will prepare you for perfection, though.

You won’t be letting any stone unturned in the preparation phase.

But just keep in mind that it is completely OK to drop a few points in SAT Reading while writing the real test. And as far as your current SAT Reading situation is concerned, it is OK to feel that you can’t improve. But just don’t let those feelings make you actually believe that you can’t improve.

You will definitely see a drastic improvement in your performance, a kind of improvement you can’t imagine now–InshaAllah. 

SAT Writing and Language: Best SAT Preparation in Karachi


Ali, Grammer has always been my bane.

I could not even differentiate between an adverb and adjective.

I think I would have to put a lot of effort to cover the ground I need to hit 1500 in SAT.

Will I surely be fine in this area of SAT with your SAT preparation course?


I guarantee that if you follow guidelines in my course and do what I’ve said there to do, YOU WON’T get even a single question in SAT Writing incorrect–InshaAllah.

You will be perfectly fine.

My SAT Writing and Language lessons are easy to absorb and full of quizzes so that you assimilate the concept thoroughly.

And on test day, you get PERFECT result in this section without any difficulty.

Just notice your comfort level when you approach the test-day as compared to your anxiety-ridden fellows.

This confidence in itself is worth in gold.

You will hit the test-center oozing this oomph.

And the confidence will reflect in your result as well.

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