Best SAT preparation in Islamabad:

Best SAT preparation in Islamabad

Best SAT Preparation in Islamabad, Do you know that Ivy League schools, with the acceptance rate of 9.1% are one of the most competitive schools in the world to get in? What it means is that out of every 100 applicants, only around 9 are accepted. And do you know what one factor is common among all of them? An extremely high SAT score– the kind of score my SAT course prepares you for. Once in a month, I conduct a 3-hour event in Islamabad with the name of “Best SAT preparation in Islamabad: double refund if you don’t get 1500 in your first attempt.” 

It is my trademark and if you see any headline anywhere with these words just know that it’s about Ali Tariq’s SAT preparation course. Anyways, if you are from Islamabad ready to beat this beast in very first attempt then my SAT course can help you achieve exactly that.SAT Preparation Academy in Lahore

It is ok if you have missed the event– relax. You can see the videos placed in the video section of this website. Just make sure that you are kind of a person whom I intend to help. You are my type if you are aiming for at least 1500 in SAT. But if you are looking for a score less than that, then prepvista might be the right Preparation Academy in Lahore

See any score less than 1500 in new SAT these days is really not worth it. It makes an already competitive process of getting into an Ivy League many a fold difficult. On the other hand, if you are aiming for 1500 plus, then boy the journey will be fun for you.  So much fun that while others will be under acute stress and you will be having fun looking at your peers, who have always dreaded SAT just like you did before preparing SAT from my course. But be warned: THERE is work involved.

I don’t have silver bullets, which can get all your SAT woes fixed within just a few hours. But spending just a few hours studying from my SAT course, you will come to the same conclusion that 1500 is very much gettable in a very short amount of time. The time you will have to give me is around 60 days–dedicated. In those 60 days, you will be putting the kind of effort that you might have not any other time of your life. Yes! Stakes are high and I am very serious about helping you fetch admits from Ivy Leagues.

Ivy League is a life changer.

With undergrad from these schools as your alma mater, the kind of pre-assigned credibility you will have for YOUR ENTIRE LIFE is unmatchable. Of all the applicants that apply from around the world, only nine percent are accepted in Ivy Leagues per year. For the Harvard Class of 2021, 39,506 students applied, while only 2,037 were accepted.

See, it is a cut-throat competition. And in this milieu of global competition, any SAT score less than 1500 is not really worth it these days.

1) SAT Math: Best SAT Preparation in Islamabad.

As you are applying from Pakistan ( an Asian country ), you got to have a perfect in SAT Math section. From Asia, a whopping 99 percentile is expected from a serious candidate. Chinese, Indian, and S.Korean students are killing it with their SAT Math scores.

Yes with my SAT preparation course, you will also end up getting a 99 percentile in SAT Math–INSHAALLAH. It is a kind of pre-requisite to have a 99 percentile in SAT MATH from an Asian applicant for IVY League– just to be perceived at par with other Asian applicants. To beat your competition and to stand out and apart from the crowd more is required from you.

That is, 99%ile is required but it won’t get you in. You have to find other areas to shine–areas where other Asian applicants find it hard to shine. Enter SAT English– Reading, AND Writing and Language.

SAT Reading:

Best SAT Preparation in Islamabad

You must have heard about the horror stories about SAT Reading questions. Have you noticed in this article that I, repeatedly, told you that with my SAT preparation course, you will hit 1500 with ease? And if you work a little harder with me 1550 is also gettable. Where do you think you’ll drop some points?



You won’t get any incorrect answer in Math–Guaranteed perfect score if you follow what I ask without cutting corners. SAT Reading? The only answers you are gonna get incorrect in SAT are in the Reading section of SAT. Why I don’t ask you to aim 100 percent accuracy rate here as well? I prepare you for 100 percent accuracy in SAT Reading too. But any marks that you are going to get deducted are most probably going to fall in this section. And it won’t be more than 2 or 3 questions–That is what I can promise.

Again, please you have to be realistic with what is expected of you. As I said earlier, you have to put a kind of effort with me that you might not have in your entire life. For Harvard alone, you are competing with around 40,000 brilliant minds from around the globe. It is not possible just to desire to beat them without putting more effort than them. And needless to say that it has to be the right kind of effort.

Not mindless studying watching YouTube tutorials and going way beyond what Khan Academy offers.


Official material (one from College Board) is a required resource to consult. Khan Academy can also get you an preliminary understanding of concepts tested in SAT. But please keep in mind that all those million students aiming for top-tier US schools are also consulting these resources. If you also end up with these free resources, your preparation profile would not be much different. And you will also end up the kind of score most students end up. I am not saying that these are bad resources. Just that they are not enough.


SAT READING: Best SAT Preparation in Islamabad


Ali, I am really really bad at these questions.

Will your SAT course be able to save my soul?

Ali Tariq:

God willing, an astounding YES.

But there is work involved.

Stay with me and, hopefully, in a few days, you will see your confidence skyrocket!

Best SAT preparation in Islamabad

Why should I aim for the Ivy League? I am good with LUMS and IBA. There are many reasons why you should. But I think, this one alone suffices to make you aim for it: “Harvard University is the top ranking institutional winner of the prestigious Nobel Prize in the world, currently boasting 151 Nobel laureates.” Can you see the sense of exclusivity in the above-mentioned fact? Therefore, if you really want to be the part of that elite club, let 1500-1550 be your first step. And remember the road to that kind of score is exactly zero incorrect answer in SAT MATH as well as in SAT Writing and Language.

Any aim less than that and you have made the journey really difficult for you. For SAT Reading, only up to 2 incorrect answers are tolerable. If you are reading to get your name enrolled in Harvard Class of 2022, I am ready to help you with the kind of score that will not only get you admit from Harvard but also you will have admits from other Ivy Leagues as your backup schools.

Start your SAT prep NOW.

Best SAT Preparation in Islamabad Now that you are ready to ace SAT and embark on your Ivy League journey, what you should do next?

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