An Overview of the LUMS Admission Process for O/A Level Students

An Overview of the LUMS Admission Process for O/A Level Students

If you plan to apply to LUMS as a regular Cambridge student (i.e., an O/A Levels student), you will have to start working on your application in the second year of your A-levels (A-2).


  • The deadline for LUMS application is usually by the end of January of that academic year.
  • You must have had given, or plan to be giving the SAT to be eligible for admission by the time their application portals go live.

Rounds Of Application:

  • You will be considered for 1stround admissions if you submit your SAT score (one that you are satisfied with) within the LUMS application deadline.
  • However, if you are unsatisfied with your previous SAT score(s) or if you have yet to take the SAT, you can sign up for the SAT administered in March of that academic year (i.e., 2 months after the LUMS application deadline). In doing this, your application will be considered in the 2ndround of admissions.
  • You will be required to send your SAT score to LUMS through the College Board portal (which will require you to pay a fee online for the scores to be sent).

Specific admission requirements:

  • LUMS has four schools you could apply to in your undergraduate (Business, Humanities, Science & Engineering, and Law school). The admission criteria are the same for all schools except for the Law and Science & Engineering schools which have additional requirements:
  • For admission into the Law school, you will need to give the Law Admission Test (administered by HEC Pakistan).
  • For admission into the Science & Engineering school, you will need to sit a Scientific Aptitude Test administered by LUMS, or instead give SAT-II Subject tests in any three of these four subjects:¬†Biology-M, Chemistry, Mathematics II-C, and Physics.

Admission Decisions:

  • If you applied in the 1st round, you would start receiving admission offers starting from April, and up till August.
  • If you applied in the 2nd round, you would start to receive admission offers by July or August.
  • Note that LUMS accepts the ACT in place of the SAT too. You also can opt to take the LUMS Common Admission Test (LCAT) in place of the SAT.

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