Ali Tariq(GMAT and MBA Expert Instructor at world renown BeatTheGMAT):

An architect of GMAT and GRE courses at PrepVista, Ali creates test-prep content that students can use to engage and learn in order to ace the beast known as standardized test. 
As a GMAT and GRE coach, he loves helping students not only ace the verbal and quant sections of the test but also prepare them to tackle the psychological part of the journey effectively since GMAT and GRE are not so much about math or grammar as about nerves. 
By helping students master each and every aspect of the test and help them reach the level where one knows before taking the exam itself what exactly is to be expected. 

More precisely one can anticipate it, the less it becomes the test of nerves.

He is the only Pakistani GMAT Expert Instructor featured on BeatTheGMAT. 

Just in case you don’t know the prestige that comes with being an Expert instructor with BTG: To be featured as an Expert GMAT instructor at BTG is as big a deal as is to have your article published in HBR-an accomplishment even the professors of top business schools vie for.

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