Bilal Tariq,  CEO and Founder

As a CEO of prepvista, Bilal communicates the vision and major priorities to team, contractors, and partners as clearly and precisely as possible and keeps everyone on the same page. He is the guy responsible for getting the work done. He keeps his best to identify strategic opportunities so that the students are served in best possible manner. He also deals with the issues related, but not limited to, product positioning, overall product management, and the issues related to what features needs to be added and what needs to be omitted.

He aligns goals, marketing, and product decisions to match cohesively the bigger picture.
Always on the lookout for the talented folks. If your vision to serve future domain leaders aligns with ours, we need to talk!  “

Ali Tariq, CoFounder and Chief Curriculum Developer

GMAT tutor and an architect of this course, Ali creates GMAT SC content that students can use to engage and learn beyond boundaries. As a GMAT tutor, he loves to help students ace not only Quant and verbal sections of the test but also prepare them to tackle the psychological part of the journey effectively as GMAT is not so much about math or grammar as about nerves. How?
By helping students master each and every aspect of GMAT and help them reach to the level where one knows before taking the exam itself what exactly is to be expected. More precisely one can anticipate it,less it becomes the test of nerves.

Farhan Zafar: VP Product and Chief Curriculum Architect for GMAT Quant.

As the GMAT quant faculty, Farhan has immense expertise and an expert tutoring experience under his belt. He is, in fact, often regarded as the most prolific GMAT quant expert one can find anywhere in the world. Having himself earned an MBA from LUMS, Farhan is able to connect with the candidates at a deeper and more personal level.

He is never too busy for his students and takes personal satisfaction when his students cross ‘700 barrier’. His mantra is ‘the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose, and my life’s purpose is to make GMAT Quant section, specifically DS questions, a piece of cake for my students’. 

He ensures that each quant concept is not only thoroughly assimilated by his students but also the process itself is made worth experiencing.

Farhan is also responsible for all activities related to customer service, community management, and spreading the word about Prepvista’s mission, which is an experience from top-tier global b-school for every Pakistani graduate so that we can have a Pakistan that is a breeding ground for future thought-leaders in business innovation.

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Creating a generation of thought leaders by democratizing test preparation.

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Empowering future leaders in their global journeys by creating a positive impact.

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